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Will email you.

I would absolutely love to take part in the online chat meetings! Text chat if possible. I have the video option but I feel clueless as to how to work it! Please let me know how I can help with this!

We are looking for help from anyone in rebuilding our forum.

We can be an online Home-group for anyone,anywhere in the world with out regular access to NA meetings in there immediate area.
Just like the old days,when I got clean,we had the Basic Text and the Just for today was our approved,as well as the Little White book.We could have a meeting on wheels,in the days of "Asphalt Recovery"
So now in the days of online recovery,we can have meetings,what ever it takes to stay clean.
All that we need is some consistent  volunteers,like someone to post the Just for today,on here and on our Facebook group
And we can begin the talking about doing online meetings again.
If you are an NA Member,that stays clean in the Narcotics Anonymous program,we need you.This is your home.
If you want to volunteer,leave a message here,or better yet message me.


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