Author Topic: What Do You Do On A Daily Basis To Stay Clean And Grow ? What Would You Like To?  (Read 2145 times)

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    8) 8)  Every morning upon rising , I say a silent prayer that I am glad to be alive and clean and it is the beginning of a new day without using . I then read the Just For Today daily meditation and think about it for a few minutes . I realize when I get out into the real world today , I have to remember the new me is there and not the old one way addict . I am polite to people , which I never was ,  except the elderly . I always was polite to them . Each day I work the Steps in my life I grow spiritually . I just hope a lot of people realize the old addict actions are gone and in a vault somewhere locked up for ever . My life has never been so good since I got clean .     8) 8)   Buckberry  Archives
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Being stuck way up north I read literature do service in my area,region,and homegroup.New friends new ways of life.Left old friend out there same old story they have .Like helping newcomers , I was one once,have to give back what was freely given to me .