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A taste of our history
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Jimmy K was a constant writer, as were other members such as Penny K,
and Sylvia W.
"Who Is An Addict?" was written by Jimmy Kinnon in 1960
"What Is The NA Program?" was written by Jimmy Kinnon and Sylvia
Wexler in 1960.
"Why are we Here?" was written by Sylvia Wexler in 1960
"How It Works." - the paragraphs before and after the Step were
written by Jimmy K. Again the
Steps having the word addiction and the word We in each and every Step
and the Traditions using the word addict all dated from 1953.
"What Can I Do?" was written by Jimmy Kinnon in 1960.
"Recovery and Relapse" was Jimmy Kinnon's story and he wrote that in
"We Do Recover" was written by Jimmy Kinnon in 1961.
Phil P wrote "1/3 of My Life" in 1962.
"I Can't Do Anymore Time" was written by Penny Kennedy in 1962.
Gene H wrote "The Vicious Circle" in 1962.
"Something Meaningful" was written by Bob B in 1962
Bob happens to be the only person whose story is in two different
places under two different names written at two different times in his
life. His story is also in the Basic Text, "I Found The Only NA
Meeting In The World
There's another story that was in the '62 book that you don't see
today. It's called "One Woman's Story" and was written by Betty
Gruber. They took the story out in 1976 because she went back out.
In 1963, Jimmy K. wrote Another Look, which is an IP still on the rack
In 1976 Greg P wrote "I was Different."
In 1976 Betty K wrote "Fearful Mother."
In 1976 Bill B. Wrote "Fat Addict."
Our Gratitude Prayer was written by Jimmy K in 1972.
Jimmy K designed our symbol on a napkin while in the hospital with
Tuberculosis in 1968.
Greg P. Wrote, The Triangle of Self-Obsession.
Greg P. wrote the NA Tree, the first service Guide.
Greg P. wrote the second half of the Twelve Traditions.
Greg P. also wrote the chapter in the Basic Text, The Twelve
Traditions, everything after the first part, the traditions.
In 1968, NA's first newsletter, "The Voice'" appears.