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Hanging on to that outdated tape
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2012, 07:12:17 PM »
"The Tree Isn't Holding You,
  You're Holding Onto The Tree"
"This means that your historical TREE 
isn't holding the 'you Are' of you.   
Your egoic mind 'thinks' that the tree is holding you   
because it neurotically feels that it still needs 
to 'hug the tree' 
to feel safe, sane and secure 
in the same way that it needed to 
when you were a powerless child."   
As children we all develop defense mechanisms to protect us from what we fear.  The extent of these mental defenses varies, but for most people these defenses remain long after they have served their purpose.  In fact most people go through the majority (if not all,) of their lives unconsciously activating these childhood defenses whenever even the slightest stimuli triggers them.   
This means that there are many adults who are  trying to get through life still carrying around unnecessary defense mechanisms from childhood.  These outdated defenses can create unnecessary difficulties in the lives of those afflicted with them.  Making it harder to function both as an adult, and as  an independent individual.   
However, having an awareness of these defenses can dramatically improve one's ability to overcome and rewrite them.  The truth is our old ego defenses are much like the metaphorical tree.  Although it may feel like our defenses cling to us, the reality is that we are the ones who unconsciously cling to these old programs.   
Before we can create new programming for ourselves we must first let go of what we no longer need.  If we are aware that sometimes we act afraid, angry, overly defensive because of old outdated programming, then we can overcome these old programs and create the room needed to develop new positive ones.       
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