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Title: How to Register.
Post by: JudyO on January 12, 2011, 08:14:11 PM
Welcome to Na Voices!.... Here are some things that will help your registration easier. After registering please take a minute to stop in and say Hello and let us know you are here with us....

1. REGISTER and a forum admin will be activating your account, be patient.

2. Add Na Voices  to your address book of the email you will be registering with so that you will receive the verification email as some servers will put it in your junk mailbox.

3. To register go to the register button on top of the screen on the forum and fill out your registration. You will receive an email immediately with all of your account information.

3. Our Forum  has a Private message feature, please try it out you can now send PM''s to  members if you want to discuss something that you dont feel should be public.

4. Only 1 username and account are allowed per member. Multiple usernames for the same person will be removed. IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR NAME WRITE TO one of the forum servants

5. Lost your Password...- You can write to a forum servant for a new one, but the old one is gone forever. Please do not re-register but write and ask for a new password. We can take care of that right away.

WELCOME !!! PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU JOIN ..... information you will need.....