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Title: Building An NA Tool Box
Post by: CD on February 06, 2011, 08:34:57 PM

   As we strive to build a house of recovery, we begin to see that we lack tools. Now, maybe we are open to the fact that maybe we could put up our house without tools, but one look at anyone who built their's with tools will tell us that we will want to use as many as we can. These are some of the contents of my tool box.

  TELEPHONE BOOK ( Anyone without one is in denial )
  MEETING LIST ( Best have two, one for someone else )
  WHO, WHAT, HOW AND WHY PAMPHLET ( This tool is impressive
  in meetings that don't have any )
  BASIC TEXT ( What program are you working without this)
  LITTLE WHITE BOOK ( This book will build great starts with Newcomers )
  NA CHIPS ( Used for reminders, impressing people and a security blanket
  SERVICE MANUAL ( For those hard jobs ... like coffee making) 
  NA WAY ( Great tool for ideas, topics, passing time, convention dates,
  and comes with bonus tool ... the NA Newsline )
  NA CONVENTION AND SPEAKER TAPES ( This tool can light up that dark place called "alone" in a car, at home, ect. )
  LOCAL NA NEWSLETTER ( A great place to send your Area Service resentments )
  NA PARAPHERNALIA ( T-Shirts, chains, mugs, pencils, ect.
  Really can make your house a home )
  NA SPONSOR ( They are always the last to know anyway...)

   Well, these are some of my most important tools. No, I didn't forget praying, sharing, meetings and 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. To me they are not just tools but the actual program itself. What I have listed are some practical tools every addict can have that we can maybe hold onto until that compulsion subsides and we can get to the next meeting and another reprieve from our insanity.

Title: Re: Building An NA Tool Box
Post by: Blindaddict on June 05, 2011, 11:35:29 AM
 8) 8) 8)  A lot of the tools are very important to have if you really want to recovery,remember nothing comes easy .  8) 8) 8)