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NA Service talk / Re: Service System Poem , Can't We All Just Get Along
« Last post by Monkey on Today at 11:38:25 PM »
Go for it
I always try to backlink it to the original site,
like in the site,with his signature and

Glad you are here.
How long you been around?
NA Service talk / Re: Service System Poem , Can't We All Just Get Along
« Last post by iou1na on Today at 11:07:15 PM »
Love the Warning I got before typing here. I KNOW it has been a while before Kevin posted his poem, but, hey, I'm slow...

Kevin, if u are here or not, I am going to post this amazing piece of poetry onto my web page. I usually ask first, but hey, it has been 3+ years, so...

Thank You!!! I hope / wish that more in my Area could read this. It says one frak of a lot.
Online Narcotics Anonymous open meetings / Re: New chat
« Last post by iou1na on Today at 10:25:17 PM »
New. As in 22 June, and no other? Like 22 July, today, for me?

Yes, and the password thingy? just another hurdle for the newcomer to finagle?
Meditations and ponderings / Re: Just For Today
« Last post by CD on Today at 09:56:51 AM »

July 22 ,2014

Spiritual death

“For us, to use is to die, often in more ways than one.”

Basic Text, p. 82


As newcomers, many of us came to our first meeting with only a small spark of life remaining.  That spark, our spirit, wants to survive.  Narcotics Anonymous nurtures that spirit.  The love of the fellowship quickly fans that spark into a flame.  With the Twelve Steps and the love of other recovering addicts, we begin to blossom into that whole, vital human being our Higher Power intended us to be.  We begin to enjoy life, finding purpose in our existence.  Each day we choose to stay clean, our spirit is revitalized and our relationship with our God grows.  Our spirit becomes stronger each day we choose life by staying clean.

Despite the fact that our new life in recovery is rewarding, the urge to use can sometimes be overwhelming.  When everything in our lives seems to go wrong, a return to using can seem like the only way out.  But we know what the consequence will be if we use—the loss of our carefully nurtured spirituality.  We have traveled too far along the spiritual path to dishonor our spirit by using.  Snuffing the spiritual flame we have worked so hard to restore in our recovery is too dear a price to pay for getting high.


Just for today:  I am grateful that my spirit is strong and vital.  Today, I will honor that spirit by staying clean.

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Meditations and ponderings / Re: Pocket Sponsor - Book - Quote
« Last post by CD on Today at 09:55:58 AM »
Pocket Sponsor - Book - Quote   7/22/14

Earth Angels dwell among us and they will find you at the moment you need them. These are the people who know just the right thing to say and do to keep you focused on recovery and principle.

Some of my Higher Power's best work is done anonymously.
Meditations and ponderings / Re: Elder's Meditation of the Day
« Last post by CD on Today at 09:55:06 AM »
Elder's Meditation of the Day     July 22 ,2014
In this universe, all activities, events, and entities are related. Indians believe that everything in the universe has value and instructs us in some aspect of life. Everything is alive and is making choices that determine the future, so the world is constantly creating itself� With the wisdom and time for reflection that old age provides, we may discover unsuspected relationships.   
---Vine Deloria, Jr, STANDING ROCK SIOUX
We are all connected. This is what the Elders have told us for a long time. If we are connected to all things, then whenever we harm anything, it causes harm to ourselves. If we destroy the air, then we will be affected by what we breathe in. If we poison the Earth, we poison ourselves. We must respect our Mother Earth and She will respect us in return. We must open our eyes and obey the spiritual laws that govern the Earth and ourselves.
Grandfather, today allow me to honor and respect the things You have made. Let me see the beauty of all things.
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
You are reading from the book The Language of Letting Go
Learning to Trust Again

Many of us have trust issues.

Some of us tried long and hard to trust untrustworthy people. Over and again, we believed lies and promises never to be kept. Some of us tried to trust people for the impossible; for instance, trusting a practicing alcoholic not to drink again.

Some of us trusted our Higher Power inappropriately. We trusted God to make other people do what we wanted, then felt betrayed when that didn't work out.

Some of us were taught that life couldn't be trusted, that we had to control and manipulate our way through.

Most of us were taught, inappropriately, that we couldn't trust ourselves.

In recovery, we're healing from our trust issues. We're learning to trust again. The first lesson in trust is this: We can learn to trust ourselves. We can be trusted. If others have taught us we cannot trust ourselves, they were lying. Addictions and dysfunctional systems make people lie.

We can learn to appropriately trust our Higher Power - not to make people do what we wanted them to, but to help us take care of ourselves, and to bring about the best possible circumstances, at the best possible times, in our life.

We can trust the process - of life and recovery. We do not have to control, obsess, or become hyper vigilant. We may not always understand where we are going, or what's being worked out in us, but we can trust that something good is happening.

When we learn to do this, we are ready to learn to trust other people. When we trust our Higher Power and when we trust ourselves, we will know who to trust and what to trust that person for.

Perhaps we always did. We just didn't listen closely enough to ourselves or trust what we heard.

Today, I will affirm that I can learn to trust appropriately. I can trust my Higher Power, my recovery, and myself. I can learn to appropriately trust others too.
From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie ©1990, Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the publisher.
Meditations and ponderings / Re: Just For Today
« Last post by CD on July 21, 2014, 10:49:22 AM »

July 21 , 2014

Surrender is for everyone

“If, after a period of time, we find ourselves in trouble with our recovery, we have probably stopped doing one or more of the things that helped us in the earlier stages of our recovery.”

Basic Text, p. 95


Surrender is just for newcomers, right?  Wrong!

After we’ve been around awhile, some of us succumb to a condition particular to oldtimers.  We think we know something about recovery, about God, about NA, about ourselves—and we do.  The problem is, we think we knowenough, and we think that merely knowing is enough.  But it’s what we learn and what we do after we think we know it all that really makes the difference.

Conceit and complacency can land us in deep trouble.  When we find that “applying the principles” on our own power just isn’t working, we can practice what worked for us in the beginning: surrender.  When we find we are still powerless, our lives again unmanageable, we need to seek the care of a Power greater than ourselves.  And when we discover that self-therapy isn’t so therapeutic after all, we need to take advantage of “the therapeutic value of one addict helping another.”


Just for today:  I need guidance, support, and a Power beyond my own.  I will go to a meeting, reach out to a newcomer, call my sponsor, pray to my Higher Power—I will do something that says, “I surrender.”

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Meditations and ponderings / Re: Pocket Sponsor - Book - Quote
« Last post by CD on July 21, 2014, 10:48:28 AM »
Pocket Sponsor - Book - Quote    7/21/14

When making amends, a subtle shift occurs in our thinking. We go from thinking we were a mistake to acknowledging we made a mistake.

I may make mistakes but my Higher Power doesn't and my Higher Power made me.
Meditations and ponderings / Re: Elder's Meditation of the Day
« Last post by CD on July 21, 2014, 10:47:30 AM »
Elder's Meditation of the Day      July 21 , 2014
"You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts."   
--Cochise "Like Ironweed" CHIRICAHUA APACHE
Come into my heart this morning. Allow me this day to live in the now. Help me to see all the beauty You have created in all things. Let me know myself. Today, as I make mistakes, let me see them as lessons. Guide me. When I see others make mistakes, let me honor them for where they are. Let me realize that they are Your children and only You, my Grandfather, knows what is really going on. When my lips move, let the words be Your words.
Allow me to have the courage to speak Your truth.

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