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For your consideration
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 12:01:10 AM »
July 26, 2011 - for your consideration

This came in last week and expresses well what I believe many of us agree to. Please let us hear from you!

Current reasons why we need a USSC

1. Group Conscience & the difference between Representation and Delegation: with true Group Conscience a question (motion) would be distributed to all those NA Groups served, each Group would consider and decide, then representatives would carry the tally of Groups to each level of service boards or committees to finally determine the Group Conscience of the fellowship. This cannot be accomplished by a consensus of delegates because delegates are incapable of consistently guessing what those they are trusted to serve think or how they would answer a question and they are bound to not govern. Service committees determining Group Conscience is government not service.

2. Compromise of Spiritual Principles, violation of Traditions. We claim to be a Spiritual Fellowship yet we consistently fund every outside enterprise that purchases our literature from our service office at a discount from what we as members pay. A blatant violation of Tradition 6. We maintain a service office in one of the very most expensive places in our country spending excessive amounts of our money on offices, warehouse and salaries for our special workers in that high cost-of-living place. While we could be provided the same service for substantially less elsewhere. We are wasting our precious 7th Tradition money that could be helping addicts recover. We have set up a small collection of people as our primary service decision makers with no direct way to tell them what they are Directly Responsible to do for us to be of service. They have the power to Rule, Censor, decide and Dictate to us and we cannot even elect them directly.

3. All communication, all service material, and all recovery literature is authored, edited and distributed by NAWS this small select set of self-perpetuating authorities. They define who the Public and the newcomer sees as NA. Without our control. Even our input is limited and they can choose what input to accept. We have little if any real influence over their actions, decisions, plans or scheme. The few control the reputation, direction, comprehension, and attitude of the many. This is upside down. It is akin to corporate management or government. It is not, in any way, service. We, the NA Fellowship, need to regain control for the United States.

The trick, of course, is the switch from the control of a small group of people to something that reflects the best NA has to offer. The inevitable short-comings of individuals, however well intended, will never have the spiritual strength and vitality of full group conscience. But going to a new structure will require study and everyone will have to get on track for it to work. Let’s start with something clear and simple. The first thing to consider is the approval of the new structure.
There will lots and lots of people who know what to do and try to force their views on others. Some will have great ideas which are met with resistance for a host of bad reasons. Only to practice of each member thinking of their higher power and being honest about how they personally feel could result in the goodwill and unity we all would hope for in our new conference. We are working hard so as to present these questions with some helpful recommendations to bring our members up to speed without opening ourselves to a split Fellowship or the equivalent of a military coop. We need to take our time with this. There are many considerations.

The trouble is no one seems to know much about the mechanics of group conscience - and yet we all act as if we do know! And thinking we know, we proceed without checking our facts. We never read, study, learn and swap ideas for the purpose of improving our understanding. So, even if we succeed, the greater fellowship is still under the thumb of a few people who think they know better. Is there no way out? Of course, many or us know what we are used to but it will be a miracle to raise enough energy to get thousands of NA members to consider possibilities beyond what their personal practice has been.

What worked in the late 1970's and early 1980's is embodied in the NA Tree, our first service structure which was never implemented fully. But the parts that were implemented triggered a positive NA revolution! Everybody had their say, everyone got to ask questions and take enough time to consider a question prior to voting unless they just put it off and missed their chance. The results were astonishing. After thirty years of almost nothing, NA took off. Meetings cropped up and resulted in the creation of thousands of new meetings. Spiritual growth took the place of addiction and contention. The leadership presented excellence that resulted in even greater excellence. Everybody won!

“Let the circle be unbroken.” is a song that captures the spirit of a group. It only takes a few disgruntled to spoil things. Even with the tremendous unity and group will focused clearly on staying clean and carrying the message, we set up a group to provide certain services with massive funding and this group quickly took over things. No big changes at first. There was perhaps some embarrassment that acted to impede the process. But as things progressed, those who sided with and favored the business were rewarded in various ways and those who did not were discounted. Good old human nature - human, not divine. It is hoped that other articles and writings will drift and be sent out to our core group members to increase the free exchange of ideas so we can all read and study what others have to say.

In Loving Service