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No one makes it alone
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2011, 10:21:54 PM »
“nobody makes it alone”

The disconnect is the difference between what we were told and what the reality is.

Conceiving of complete, creative freedom is a daunting thing. It was very attractive in my early recovery, for myself and others. There was a general understanding that everyone has within them the capacity to express their true inner feelings. This is the inner spirit talking. It was even more incredible to find that writing from one member’s inner self was hard to distinguish from the writing of another. This was like proof that the same spirit lies within all of people, including addicts. It was a major discovery.

Surrender, exchanging our limited, meaningless, pain-filled lives for a woke up spirit seemed like a real good move. But there was still lots to learn.

The disconnect is the loss of spirit that comes with putting anything else first. It could be money, sex, drugs, rock and roll, anything else prevents this true good spirit from coming out in our lives. So the whole idea of fearing a Loving God goes out the window! Old spiritual saying, “Viewed from afar, God seems to be our worst enemy. The closer we get to God, the more we realize God was our only true friend all along.” A later teaching I was to take into my being is the idea that we make up our worst imaginings and they become real and manifest in our lives powered by our fears. If this is true for others, you might be able to get glimpses of how this works. Whatever a person fears, will happen, or at least be likely to happen because those fears determine relentlessly every choice and decision they make. I say, “Beware of what you fear - lest you become it!”

We have been blessed in recent months by events that evidence the tremendous interest and concern of thousands of NA members. Even the worst of the nay-sayers are giddy with excitement! They have so much to be suspicious of and rant about! What a good time they are having! Fear and negative projection is very energizing. Gosh, isn’t it just awful! But on the brighter side, we are all still clean, have many friends and many good things happening in our lives. The further we get from the pain of isolation, the more we look around an explore the real world of positive opportunities recovery has to offer. One of the road blocks of ongoing recovery is to think we know it all. It shows up on weird ways, but in fact is a chief blessing of the 12 Step process. Just as our way forward into recovery and the clean life was blocked by our own misconceptions and limited experience, just so we slump back into non-thinking habits that may have worked for us initially, but become just as limiting if we fail to keep learning. Boxes within boxes. Even with decades clean, we can decide the whole damn world is out to get us and start selecting information and instances to support our deranged thinking! Oh boy! Why didn’t someone tell us?

At Wichita, I said we have all summer to hold rallies and celebrations to get out the idea that a great opportunity stands right before us. We can write encouraging articles, longer booklets and even create new ways of carrying information to those who want to know more. This was scrambled in the minutes from Wichita and along with some other deletions, it took March, April, May and June to get the minutes corrected. Get the picture? Somehow the great opportunity was blocked by fear, character assassination, innuendo, rumor and inter-personal rivalry. Come on folks, is this the best we can do?

Many have dropped out of the effort, disgusted by the antics of mad men and women who negate good efforts in favor of a select few who support their ideas and beliefs. They cannot be blamed and I am not making fun of them, but I have been watching this movie a long time and cannot believe I am the only who sees it for what it is. I am writing this in hopes that there are those among you who will be moved to write and speak to these things because our efforts are floundering due to a lack of people willing to step up to the plate. Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you really want to do this, I cannot stop you. The formation of a healthy, well-formed United State Service Conference will not happen unless you want it to. A twisted, namby-pamby, “chattering of the loud” service conference is not exactly what we had in mind when we started out on the road to restoring good spirit and an atmosphere of gratitude and giving to the Fellowship of clean addicts in the USA.

Here’s what I think now. Like I said at Wichita, we should hold a series of rallies to talk about the good that could come from having our own mechanism to collect, present and consider the conscience of our members and groups. With the resources of all our baskets, fund-raisers, conventions and personal behests, we can begin to carry the message again. There is more to global service than good intentions and turning it over to a corporation disconnected from you, operating on its own behind a corporate mantle, with NA growth flattened in 2007, writing books in your name and blocking the Fellowship channels to free expression and idea exchange. Is this something you support? Do you imagine it will get better if you do nothing? Lotsa, lotsa people fall into apathy. Do you really imagine you are going to get away with doing nothing to help? It takes spiritual strength to do something. And you can live with spiritual strength. It takes distrusting your inner voices and doing nothing. Can you live with that?

I propose we hold dress-up, sit-down dinners to get NA back on the road again. We need our own monthly publication, several books: “Core Group History, ““Organizational Issues,” “Growth and Continuance,” “NA is not $,” “Happy, Joyous and Free,” and whatever else good you can conceive of - get it? Conceiving a good idea is like birth or conception. We need tee shirts and bumper/book stickers, our website should contain relative documents, video clips and anything else that will help with counters to tell us where the attention is going. should become our loud speaker. We should create packages to send out to all regional service administrations as well as area. Or, just sit at home and let it all die on the vine, like a flower that did not get pollinated.

In Loving Service,

Bo S. - August 7th 2011