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"Enjoying Life Without The Use Of Drugs"

the old saying is true-
i can remember-
the first meeting i came to-
before i became a member.

i saw people laughing-
and thought they had to be high-
but when i walked through the doors-
someone walked up to me and said glad youre here welcome inside.

i was kind of intemidated-
didnt know what to expect-
as we sat down at the table-
and my journey began i will not forget.

the chairman said lets have a moment of silence-
i was like here we go-
the the group together said the serenity prayer-
and i was quivering in my soul.

they asked people to read-
and i was still just staring into the abyss-
and when the time came  for me-
i could feel the fear the feeling i didnt miss.

i said my names stephen and im an addict-
and i wanted to die-
people said keep coming back-
because at that time i didnt know how to live & enjoy life.

the meeting went on-
and my future was uncertain-
but at the end of the meeting-
i knew that i was still hurtin.

they gave out the keytags-
asked does anyone wanna just for today-
i walked down the path-
i was so afraid.

they said they loved me-
and welcomed me home-
and although i was still in my disease-
i didnt feel so alone.

i kept coming back-
even though times where hard-
and now i can laugh-
because ive accepted life of change in my heart.

it took me years-
to say i dont wanna die-
i faced my fears-
now i can live and enjoy life.

so dont give up-
before the miracle happens-
we never have to use drugs-
no matter what life throws at us.

living day by day-
my life is now worth living and i can now feel love-
for that newcomer whos just starting their way-
down the journey to learn how to be the one enjoyng life without the use of drugs.

written by:straightedge enigma stephen b.

love yall.......

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