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Straight Through Hell:.written by:StraightEdgeEnigma Stephen B.
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Straight Through Hell:.written by:StraightEdgeEnigma Stephen B.

               "Straight Through Hell"

verse one:i've experienced the pain-
                  abstinence brings-
                   we have to change-
                    or stay in insanity.

verse two:it's your choice-
                 that ya have to make-
                  listen to the voice-
                not your addiction thats tellin ya to take.

verse three:just one more-
                   but you know-
                   that ya cant ignore-
                   or do it alone.

bridge:took no other course-it was hard to feel it myself-i didnt take
           any detours-i went straight through hell.

chorus:i felt the pain inside-didnt wanna let go-a wall i hid behind-that ate
           away at my soul-it came to a point-when it was ripping at my heart-
           i could no longer avoid-the disease that was tearing me apart-
           my life was in danger-of jails institutions & death-enjoying life seemed
          like a stranger-i had turned into a mess-oh-i finally wanted it-the desire
           to do something else-had to let go of the bullshit-when i walked straight
          through hell.

verse four:i was on the edge-
                 comfortable in insanity-
                 but even that had left-
                  me in a state of vanity.

verse five:felt like the world-
                was against-
                 i was hurt-
               it was just a defense.

verse six:couldnt hide-
                felt abused-
                my lyin eyes-
                just giving me an excuse.


music &  lyrics written by:straightedge enigma stephen brunson

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