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Re: The seed is planted
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good stuff
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The seed is planted
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The seed is planted, let it grow.

When you go up against a multi-million dollar corporation, you can bet there will be some coherent opposition. We will be damned to hell and back for killing addicts, etc. But who is dispiriting and changing a time honored and proven way of life? After thirty long years, addicts rose up and wrote their Basic Text from scratch with no outside funding or expert help. We did it with prayer, guts and determination. The spirit arose and would not be denied.

So far as I know, there are only four cards for the corporation to play: aloof, poor-me, inquisitor and intimidator. Thanks J. Redfield! Poor-me is where you take control by affecting a pretense of being hurt, wrongly, and play on the sympathy of those you would control. If they fall for it, they will do whatever they can to cheer you up. Make you feel better. Aloof is the same game with slightly different tactics: Oh, I am so hurt by your accusations, just don’t know what to do. Can’t even talk about it. Make them tease it out of you, remain emotionally remote. As they express their support and concern, jerk back a little snot and you got ‘em. Boo-hoo. You did me wrong, after all we have done for you. “If they fall for it, they will do whatever they can to cheer you up.” Inquisitor: “What about this? Did you think of that? You should just shut up and stop asking questions. We know better. Do what we say!” Like the first two strategies, this one has a brother. Intimidator. Keep asking questions, don’t let up. Bully the electorate into submission. “We are informed. We know what is best. NA was nothing until we came along. We have spread NA across the planet!” You have heard some of this already, right?

Well, we the loving caring Fellowship have carried our message to the ends of the earth, to whatever extent it has been carried. Traveling members, wealthy people able to travel to the US and attend conventions and meetings. A few major overseas events like London, Paris, Barcelona, Sydney and Columbia made a big difference I am sure. So far as I know, no one has studied just how many countries have a indigenous Fellowship standing on its own national assembly.

The prayer that changed NA was this: “God free me of my self-will and ego and give me the strength and guidance to do Your footwork.” This attitude and deliberate prayer was answered when thousands of addicts discovered that they could write. They had a different attitude because no one had to tell them what to do! They had just written their own book. They knew what to do and did it! We have a very similar situation today. People know what to do - but doing it? Uh. “We may create service boards and committees directly responsible to those they serve.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? It doesn’t say someone else can do it or that some other authority can do it. 

Only you can say the prayer and only you can create what is needed. Rise up and communicate with your equals elsewhere in America. The overseas Fellowship is watching. Hopefully they will follow our positive example. The standing committees of the WSC made NA in the US tick. They brought together resources and know how to encourage public information services and to carry our message past the bars of prison to free our people so they could get out of jail. No good being free on the outside if you are not free on the inside! Of course it was confusing and chaotic. That’s the way free people are. The ones who know how it works have to interact with those just learning.

One thing we have been learning on the core group is how to use some of the free technology available through the internet. Skype and This has provided  a means to view and discuss documents ( while online with Google Docs (free ‘white board’ service that shows changes on-screen to all who are shared in to the session). Any of you can get direct help with these whenever you want to know more. It is our hope that by passing on these important tools on to the general membership,  we can help todays Fellowship become more informed and able to keep pace with the changes which are happening right now. When you change your mind, you change reality, or at least your relation to the world around you. Your responses change, your attitudes and expectations change. The things you will expect and accept into being will come to pass.

Through spiritual growth and Twelve Step recovery, you will be able to step into the moment and not let opportunities escape simply because you did not see them for what they were in time. Our videos created in the last month or two carry a message that is effective and direct, obliterating the ‘disconnect’ by allowing members to share. It is like being locked in a cave and finding a way out. At first the light hurts your eyes. But then it all comes into focus. You are free in a way beyond what your ears and feelings alone can provide. Go see for yourself!, search key “NA Views - USSC!”