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Re: Latest update
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2012, 11:13:29 AM »
Perhaps the Gold Coast Area should go back and have a Traditions Workshop instead, specifically the 6th and 10th. Until B* is ready to work with-in the current service structure, there will never be a USSC. As for the Groups, Areas, and Regions blatently lending the NA name to this revolt, shame on you, if it ain't NA, it's an outside issue. The common welfare of those of who stayed here and continued to serve and remembered our primary purpose comes first.  And by the way those statements I just made are non-negotiable, or have you become numb from hearing that reading over and over again. The writer of those words has a nifty Step and Tradition guide that may help you understand called "Back to The Basic". It's not Conference approved so you have to find it on your own, and the only thing you can take into the rooms is the knoweledge you gain from it, and seems to work best with the 3rd, Rev. but thats just an opinion and since we're not in the rooms I can do that lol. If your still trying to figure out that writer, who without him the literature committee would still be trying to find a format to write the Basic Text to, his name was Greg Pierce one of the greatest sevants this fellowship has ever had.
Really those guys should have no problems climbing the ranks to regional level service...Two former literature chairpersons that were instrumental to bringing the basic text to fruition, a P.I. legend, and the most clean time of any living member, I see them speaking all over the country at conventions, occasionally an anniverary, yada yada yada, perhaps if they gave up some 12th step work and put the footwork into SERVICE  work with-in the existing Service Structure the could realize the change they seek so much.
Sorry I'll step off my stump now, speaking personally I love everthing these guys are trying to do, love hearing them share, and have every CD of them that I can get my hands on. I wish I could have actually spoke to them the times i have seen them share rather than the courtesy thank you I'm ______ and a handshake and hug. And its a shame so much information is not in the Service Structure, I just don't see how re-creating the Vocal Minority is going to help. I personally support the movement, I will talk to friends about it on most chances I get and read about it and think about it and love the whole concept, and then it all becomes mental masturbation cause I walk thru the doors of an NA meeting, or a Service Committee meeting, or a Conference meeting, and as I pass the threshold of that doorway all the above becomes irrelavent because I become bound by those pesky little things called Traditions.
Jimmy K. said it best that, NA is a self=correcting organization. If the idiots destoy "the NA as a Whole" with their stupidity, and the new steamlined Service System is the intrument that does just that, for the naive its as good as passed WSC didn't invest 4 years to be denied their latest power play, so be it because you everyone is failing to realize is that, NA AS SUCH, us addicts that gather with two or more people guided by the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, will rebuild it, and my concience if asked will be that the NA Tree would be a good model to begin with.
If you look objectivley at what has happened, we taught NAWS the winning strategy, one of the Anonymi's strategy's was to concentrate on the newer members because soon they would be the trusted servants of the fellowship and soon those S.W.A.T., Purist, Nazi, however you wanted to term them ideas would take over the fellowship. Our trusted servants today don't know that there was a different maybe better way years ago, I have actually been corrected and given a foul look for saying ASR or RSR, and thus they now dominate the fellowship.  Might be a lesson in thereabout the seeds you plant, hmmm. I just moved to central Ohio, and members with 5 years clean are retiring to the rocking chair, no H&I, no PR/PI, no ASC, and forget RSC it aint happening. The members with the most clean time in this area didn't know who Jimmy K. was, had no traditions meetings, Step meetings that only covered 1-2-3, no basic text meetings, thought the only difference between the text editions were the personal stories, etc.... So you can see how well NAWS turned that strategy on us.
So I feel the frustration of the core group, maybe more because I am still in the structure trying to serve, and wish them all the luck in world. And if they they don't achieve what their goal is maybe they'll blow the hell outta the place and we'll take back our literature pray to be guided by prudence, humility, or traditions and steps and build it again.
does anyone besides be think that it wasn't an EVOLUTION in the fellowship but a REVOLUTION instead and to this day I kinda think I was on the losing side.

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Latest update
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2012, 12:52:01 AM »
Greetings everybody,
This is an an informal e-blast to let you all know that yesterday, January 8th, 2012, the Gold Coast Area Service Committee approved, by group conscience vote, to host the first United States Service Conference in Fort Lauderdale April 6-8th, 2012.
The location is the Marriott North, on Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.  The contract will likely be signed tomorrow.  The host committee intends to set up a web site with a pay pal account to accept donations/registrations as soon as possible.  The room rate is $79.00 per night.  We will likely be holding a conference call via either skype or a free conference call service within the next couple of days.  The second face to face host committee meeting will be Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 4:30pm eastern time.  We will attempt to link this meeting to a skype connection or a conference call so that all may attend/participate.
It is essential to the success of this movement that we welcome and invite everyone to be a part of this historical creation of a US Service body.
The host committees' job is not to set any philosophical or political guidelines.  Our function is simply to facilitate and put on the event.
Currently the host committee intends to facilitate the following agenda:
1. To draft and approve a statement/declaration of the creation of the USSC of NA.
2. To elect a temporary administrative committee
3. To create guidelines determining voting membership
4. To select a location for the next USSC
We, the host committee do not want to be the ones bringing any proposals or motions to this conference.  We need YOU, the US NA Fellowship to bring to the US Service Conference drafts of statements/declarations for the creation of this much needed service body.  We need YOU to bring nominations for the election of administrative committee members (including service resumes).  We need YOU to bring ideas and proposals to determine voting participation.  And we need YOU to bring bids to host the next USSC.  We kinda like the idea of going to Wisconsin since, hopefully, there is a movement to hold a US Fellowship Assembly there in June.
We really need to limit the scope and size of the agenda so that we actually have time to accomplish the tasks at hand.  It is our intention to go right into business Friday evening and try to wrap it up by Saturday night or early Sunday morning.
Again, this is an informal announcement.  Once the contract is signed we will be making up an official flyer and distributing it all over the country, probably with the next few days.
Please send any inqueries, questions or comments to:
We look forward to seeing and hearing from you all very soon at the inaugural United States Service Conference of Narcotics Anonymous!  MWBR!
Thank you.
The USSC Host Committee