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Re: The fear about the USSC
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2011, 10:07:44 AM »
It sounds like miss-management of seventh tradition money . Maybe new younger faces at WB would help , lower on the pay scale. 40,000 to put on a meeting ,to much money , they must eat like kings , even printing of meeting information doesnt cost that much. Hope for a change .Pray to the HP .
Being stuck way up north I read literature do service in my area,region,and homegroup.New friends new ways of life.Left old friend out there same old story they have .Like helping newcomers , I was one once,have to give back what was freely given to me .


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Re: The fear about the USSC
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2011, 09:35:58 PM »
Wow, there is so much to learn from all of these conversations about NAWS and USSC. I have been a member since 1996, and I have a love for NA like no one, I believe Abstinence from ALL DRUGS, is and should continue to be our Motto:
Tammy L. as NAQUEEN

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Re: The fear about the USSC
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2011, 11:54:10 PM »
here is my responce to Craig... please pass it on!!!

Hi Craig,

I’m Jeff and I’m an addict. Maybe you know me as I’m the editor of the Purist Newsletter. In the last 3 years or so the newsletter committee and I have been doing our best to bring all the problems the WB and NAWS have been causing out into the open.  I took some time out to read your problems with the USSC and again I can’t believe you don’t see all the problems that are going on within the fellowship that have been brought about by the WB and NAWS.


1) There is an imminent catastrophe facing our fellowship:  This imminent catastrophe is the lack of believing in what this fellowship was built upon “total abstinence from all mind and mood altering chemicals”. A few months back there was an interview with 2 members from NAWS and they were asked why we are a program based on total abstinence from all mind and mood altering chemicals there answer was “I DON’T KNOW”. Then the new “In Times of Illness” came out and it justified the use “DRUGS”. Maybe you remember when you got clean there was a saying “NA is not for everyone if it was maybe we would be holding our meetings in stadiums”. Today we are trying to be all things to all people and we are losing our message and our identity.

2) NAWS has continually mismanaged funds: You say last time you looked contributions accounted for 10–13% of the world service budget… Lets really look at this Craig… how much would you say literature accounts for the world service budget? Besides all the deals NAWS has Hazledon and such where do you think the money comes from when a group/area/region buys the literature from NAWS??? It comes from donations being put in the basket…  NOW add that with 10-13% and that number is much greater… is it not???

You say where, when, how like you can’t believe anyone would suggest such a thing…Well Craig how about the report in NAWS News where Anthony E said “We are spending $100,000 more a month then we are taking in”… I’m no genius but if my workers were doing that I would call that mismanagement of funds! Spending however much money the WB and NAWS spent on Jim Delizia is a outrage!!! Again a gross mismanagement of funds!!! A WB meeting that costs $40,000 +++ should I go any further????   

3) Growth in NA has flattened out: Unless you’re talking about the court card “addicts” and such…. Then we have doubled and tripled….

4) We do need to get the word out that a drug is a drug!!! Maybe in your home group you will let addicts on methadone and other drug replacements be the treasurer but not in my group… Our basic Text says “clean from ALL mind and mood altering substances” this is what NA was built upon.

If your group believes that being on drug replacement is being clean then why not make them treasurer of your home group?????

I won’t go into #6 because I don’t believe the WB or NAWS has focused on anything other then what can I get out of this commitment!!!!! Trips to Spain and such bigger pay checks for Anthony E and Steve R… I really believe that especially after the last NAWS news and their statement to have addicts give up their special coffee for a year to fund them….

                  Yours truly,

                     Jeff R

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The fear about the USSC
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2011, 02:19:57 PM »

This was a letter written from a previous WB member to the current delegate team in his region. I found it to be factual and very well written. I have asked him permission to forward and he has ok'd that with full knowledge that you might forward it was well. If you do, please be respectful, and keep it in it's entirety.
Thank you,



Jim, Shawn, Earl and Merle,


I am writing to offer my thoughts on the proposed United States Service Conference. I am not in opposition to its creation but I do believe that the purpose, ideas and premise statements offered are based on mistruths, myths, inaccuracies, misinformation and disinformation. Furthermore I believe as described, these statements represent an assault on reason and a direct threat to NA unity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with debate, disagreement and dissent. In fact America was borne as a result of dissent on the part of the colonists. As best this is a sowing of the seeds of discord, disunity and dissonance. In my mind, rarely have we seen in our discourse with our fellowship such a reckless and scurrilous collection of accusations, disseminated so widely and totally with no basis in fact or supported by any evidence. Anything based on dishonesty is doomed to fail and cannot be sustained. Our first tradition speaks to our common welfare and the supporting fabric. In my opinion and experience, some of what I have read is very troubling, is an affront to the ideals of goodwill, honesty and trust and has the potential to tear away at the strands that comprise the whole. Just as other segments of organizations and countries have cloaked disingenuous motives in the cape of patriotism, nationalism, individualism and states’ rights, they were usually exposed to be negative influences and their ideology discredited as nothing more than an attempt to maintain the status quo or spin and revise history and advance personal agendas. In the meantime though, internal strive resulted and persisted, sometimes for years, and lives and relationships were unduly upset. I actually see some eerily striking parallels in some of the justifications for the USSC and this ‘call to action’. In this case, the mantle is ‘the love of the fellowship’. This is very disturbing to me. In our own fellowship we have seen time and time again, members use innuendo, rumors, resentments and dishonesty to justify the means to their own ends or influence those who may not know the truth. Many times it has happened when their agenda or ideas were not embraced by a majority of our members. A good idea does not need to be sold or require manipulation. It will rise to the top based on its own merit. I apologize for the lack of brevity but there are times when my passions are ignited and this is one of those times. There are some battles worth fighting and some debates worth having.




There is a rising tide of imminent catastrophe facing our Fellowship. We need to take our fellowship back

I would invite someone to share with me what that catastrophe is and when we can expect it. This reminds me of some of the prophets prophesying the end of the world at various times in our history. The next end of the world date is May 21, 2011 by the way. I am not trying to delegitimize anyone’s spiritual and/or religious beliefs, but in the context of this group’s purpose statements for the USSC, they are attempting to insinuate that the World Board and Service System workgroup has caused disaster to our fellowship and is contributing to our imminent demise. This ‘sounding of the alarm’ plays to our members fears, takes advantage of lack of information and positions the purveyors of the USSC and their ideas as the ‘saviors of our fellowship’ from the evil empire called NAWS. There is absolutely, unequivocally nothing we have done or proposed that would cause harm to our fellowship or way of life. For the record, I believe we are a chosen fellowship, divinely inspired and as such divinely protected


NAWS has consistently mismanaged funds, embarked upon poorly prioritized projects and has turned its back on the US fellowship and is using the major funding supplied by the US fellowship to further its corporate goals


Who, When, How??? I would invite someone to provide the evidence to this charge. This is an example of how rumor, misinformation or disinformation is spread in our fellowship and leads to the very problems the USSC is purporting to fix; mistrust. This problem is pervasive throughout NA and is usually linked to conventions. Those ‘poorly prioritized’ projects, whatever they are, have been fully discussed, reviewed, vetted with the Regional Delegates and prioritized by them. I would demonstrate how much money NAWS has spent on attending to the requests of the US fellowship through attendance at zonal forums, workshops, phone calls, emails, etc. There are many examples of how world a service has not lessened its support for the US fellowship and is consistently meeting their requirements and providing services. And major funding supplied by the US fellowship? This must be in reference to literature because the last time I looked, contributions from the fellowship accounted for 10-13% of the world services budget.


Growth of the US Fellowship has flattened out since the adoption of the 12 Concepts and the restructuring of World Services. The 12 Concepts has been a major reason for the breakdown of our service structure and several of them are a direct contradiction to our 12 Traditions


The writers of their purpose statements purposely conflated flat growth with the Concepts and the advent of a World Board without any valid data to support that. This is a red herring whose roots are grounded in a fundamental difference of perspective about service principles and ongoing resentment about the changes at world services. It also speaks to either a misunderstanding of the summaries as written in the Concept booklet or naivety based on lack of application for various reasons. Our problems in service, in my opinion, are a result of both those factors and most importantly, the lack of applying the fundamental principles of recovery, our 12 Steps. Instead of looking for the reasons and truth about flat growth, all we get is ‘it’s their fault’ and come with us and we will ‘fill seats in new meetings all over the country’. It’s also very interesting that even before any assembly seats are filled or votes taken, the first mandate from the unelected ‘new leadership’ is the abolishment of fellowship approved service principles, the Concepts and advocating a return to RSR and ASR acronyms based on some misguided interpretation of representation and thoughts that somehow the US fellowship has been disenfranchised. Changing names back is not the answer to our problems. This is more of a structural response to a process, responsibility and authority issue. I also don’t believe going backwards in our approach to service will benefit us. Solutions to problems cannot be found with the same level of thinking that created the problems.


Have PI and H&I get the word out to doctors and Drug Courts that a drug is a drug, drug replacement is not clean and our program and attendance requirements. World Services gave the principle of total abstinence away in favor of dollars from literature sales to professionals and addicts on drug replacement therapy with no desire to get clean


This is another statement that is being perpetuated as the World Board having betrayed our principles and has its roots in our position on welcoming members from drug courts, those who might be on drug replacement and those who might not be clean when they get here. In my mind, this is in direct contradiction to our Third Tradition and puts our trusted servants in the position of dictating who comes to our meetings. This is one of the more troubling aspects of what I read. My experience is that our program is inclusive and compassionate and does not check credentials at the door. This statement attempts to devise a plan of action for the USSC that will delineate and arbitrate who is clean based on a narrow intolerant mindset, more than helping others understand our concept of complete abstinence and flaming the desire to get clean through the principles of tolerance, patience and compassion. I wholeheartedly reject this point of view and approach. Do we really want to run people off just to stand up for non existence virtues????


There is a disconnect in our fellowship as a result of the World Board and we can put an end to the ‘us vs them’ mentality that has overshawdowed world services for far too long


As I stated on many occasions, the primary disconnect that happened when the board was formed, was between regional standing subcommittees and world services. The benefit to having standing subcommittees at world services was the networking between trusted servants that happened. As I also have stated, this networking can and should happen locally or regionally. There are many opportunities that can be created. All that is required is willingness, desire, planning and vision. Moreover, local service delivery does not happen at world services!!! As an example, H&I, that stands for Hospitals and Institutions, happens at home not at world services or regional service. The most detrimental disconnect is not between world services and the fellowship but rather between the fellowship and service itself. Some root causes are apathy, unattractive atmosphere at service meetings, ineffective communication and resentment. I submit to you that numerous ‘disconnects’ contribute to this. We have black/white, old/young, rural/urban, group/asc/rsc, Carolina/Duke and my all time favorite, newer members/members with clean time. With any diverse organization, this is not a new phenomenon. In our fellowship though, it causes dysfunction because we don’t always navigate the chasms or rely on our principles to transcend the differences. There is also the tendency for tension or mistrust when smaller groups delegate authority to a larger group without fully understanding that practice or the bigger picture and then question the results. Sometimes the larger group does not effectively communicate its activities with the smaller group as well.


The US fellowship is the largest NA community but World Services has focused on spreading the word worldwide at the expense of taking away the principles of the US fellowship. One of the members of the planning committee suggested to me that the inventory taken in the 1990s was about the international NA community and the majority of service dollars should be spent here in the US


We as service boards and committees are not in competition nor are we as fellowship made up of different people, races, creeds and nationalities, in competition. There is one brand; Narcotics Anonymous. Out of many comes one. The idea that most of our service funds should be spent on the US fellowship due to our size has some practicality but it is being couched in a way that is totally self centered and does not take into account further developing NA in places and countries our program does not exist.



There are numerous other inconsistencies, half truths, untruths, mischaracterizations, misconceptions, misinformation and disinformation in the documents I have been privy to. I wanted to highlight the ones that really stuck out to me as being especially harmful, disheartening and very alarming as I see it.