Author Topic: It is the mosquitoes that will chase me out of the woods, not the bears!"  (Read 2283 times)

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 8) 8) 8)  We have to learn to calm down and think rather than getting on a rant over everything or anything.We can be our own worst enemies ,the mind is a powerful tool,it can rationalize or makes us act like idiot's over nothing.   8) 8) 8)
Being stuck way up north I read literature do service in my area,region,and homegroup.New friends new ways of life.Left old friend out there same old story they have .Like helping newcomers , I was one once,have to give back what was freely given to me .

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It is the mosquitoes that will chase me out of the woods, not the bears!"
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2011, 12:18:09 AM »
"It is the mosquitoes that will chase me out of the woods, not the bears!"


It's amazing how I intuitively know how to handle the big things. A few weeks ago my brother and his wife - who live right around the corner from me - came home from vacation to find their home had been robbed. At 2 a.m. they were pounding on my door, waking me up from a dead sleep. I sprang into action getting them online, calming them down, and helping in any way I could. If only I could handle the little things as easily...


Last week I noticed my kitchen faucet had come loose from the sink. Each time I turn it on it wiggles back and forth, and I can't decide what to do about it. I looked underneath and there doesn't seem to be any way to tighten it, and I don't want to spend $200 on a plumber to fix it. I'm beginning to obsess on it and now that it's started to drip a bit I'm at my wits end!


Even though the little things can still paralyze me and leave me feeling helpless, thank God I have a program that has taught me what to do. I've learned to reach out to others and find someone who has experience with what I'm going through. I now know that I don't have to fix everything at once, rather, I just have to take the next indicated action. And most of all, I've learned how to ask for help.


Today, with the guidance of the program, I know how to handle both the big AND the little things.