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Sponsors Knowledge
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Member: CANADA  Find a sponsor

Before indulging into what has been my experience, strength and, hope with this topic, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our editor in chief for the honor and privilege of allowing me to part take in the Newsletter. While residing at an institution, I was introduced to the concept of having someone who had faith in me and would want to help me in my recovery. At that time, in the Bay Area it seemed as if sponsorship was very limited. I had heard that you should find someone who you could identify with. During this period of my recovery I had lost what I thought was my sense of humor. I attended several meetings and often I would hear the message of hope, Nevertheless, at times I would hear the counseling, the confrontation, and drilling, I call it (slap shop recovery). As desperate as I was one thing was pretty clear to me, I had have my fair share of counselors, probation officers, drill sergeants, surrogate parents and many disciplinarians. None of these had provided enough evidence for me to follow their path. After all I had gotten clean not stupid. I started taking the risk of going to different meetings and while attending a meeting I heard one of the members share his experience with recovery as experienced by working the steps, this individual had a good sense of humor and it seems fairly content with recovery. I had by then a few clean days and I was willing to continue in my journey. In the course of our interaction, I noticed that one of the biggest assets available to this person was the laughter that accompanied while sharing (I thought that was good) I needed something to laugh about. We managed to work up to the 5th Step however after me sharing my fifth step this individual just disappeared. Later on I found out this individual had check into a mental facility. I, for the longest time thought that my fifth step had provoked this course of action. At any rate that is a totally different story or another dollar in the basket as the old saying goes. I did not loose faith. A friend of mine in recovery introduced me to yet another recovering addict. This member was very generous, educated and well respected. We began to get to know one another and self disclosure prove to be quite enriching. While working on my 8th Step I realized that this individual’s convictions did not encompassed the spiritual principles of Narcotics Anonymous. I understood and accepted that was their journey not mine. In the spring of 1991 a member of N.A. gave me a speaker tape of a member who spoke at some H& I function. This individual got my attention. I listen to that tape over and over until I actually began to feel the same passion that this individual spoke of in its journey. A few years later while participating in my recovery through the Helpline I discovered this member had moved to the Bay Area. I met this individual and true to its recovery, and the program of N.A. after years of recovery in the program it’s commitment remain consistent as to the things we do in recovery. As I mention before I like to believe that participating in my recovery provides me with that daily reprieve from my disease. Furthermore, the spiritual rewards of the program for me have been revealed initially, within the program. As apprehensive as I tend to be I decided that I would take my time and get to know this addict. We were serving in the same service committee and I watched this person exercise it’s program and after seven months of watching it I mustered the courage to ask for it’s guidance in my recovery. The rest as the old saying goes is history. I would like to tell you about the qualities this person has, however; anything I say will only shadow its character. I still got the same sponsor and to this day I continue to get the necessary guidance for my growth in recovery. My sponsor has a sponsor who has a sponsor who has a sponsor who has a sponsor who has a sponsor who has a sponsor who has a sponsor and we all belong to the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. Thank you so much to N.A. and the fellowship as a whole for a new way of life. It is not hard labor to obtain a sponsor. Nevertheless; I truly believe that it is worth my efforts to secure the guidance of someone who has my well being in mind and a good working knowledge of the program as a whole. I have accepted the program as a whole package , The Steps , The Traditions ,and The Concepts and more and more continues to be reveal… Thank you for allowing me to share…


Being stuck way up north I read literature do service in my area,region,and homegroup.New friends new ways of life.Left old friend out there same old story they have .Like helping newcomers , I was one once,have to give back what was freely given to me .