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How Does My Sponsor Help Me In Recovery
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 E-mail "members voice"How Does My Sponsor Help Me In RecoveryWhen I first got into recovery and started going to NA meetings, I didn’t know very much about the Fellowship or the Program. I was very impatient for recovery and I thought I could cut corners, take shortcuts and work the program “my way��  and become clean and serene in no time.

After a good deal of time and several failed attempts, I started, finally, to listen to the people who had been successful in the program. One of the suggestions I constantly heard was “ Get a Sponsor “!

I read the NA information pamphlet on Sponsorship and took the plunge. It was really difficult to begin to trust anyone after all my years of addiction. I learned that a person can shop around for a sponsor but I was very fortunate on my first choice.

My sponsor is someone who understands the nature of addiction. He was able to show me how I allowed my addict behavior to sabotage my recovery efforts. His patient guidance through the 12 Steps was invaluable. I was finally able to understand the steps and begin to apply them to my life. The same holds true for the traditions. He was able to help open my eyes to the concepts of a Higher Power and the nature of spirituality.

Not only has he been my sponsor but has become – and remains – a trusted and valued personal friend. We often just hang out together and enjoy life on life’s terms.

If you are new to the Fellowship of NA or are simply struggling for recovery without the help of a sponsor, I strongly urge you to find one so that they may aid you in your recovery. Living the clean life is much easier and enjoyable when you have a trusted sponsor to share your burden of recovery.         I am an addict, my name is Jack V.

My sponsor means the world to me, not only is she my friend, now she is my sponsor.  She is thoughtful and caring and has faith in me, even when I don’t have faith in myself.
                                                      I Love her!  CA

My sponsor helps me in my recovery in a variety of ways. One such way is he has knowledge of the twelve steps since he has worked the twelve steps himself. Sponsors are necessary for one of the six suggestions listed on the back of meeting lists – Get a Sponsor – so I have one and I keep in contact with him regularly. I’ve currently worked the 5th and 6th steps with my current sponsor. He is there to listen and show me his wisdom. I thank him for his service.
                                                        Thanx Herb B.

For me my sponsor is my life line. She lives in Portland and is part of what we call a “sponsorship tree�� . We are a group of women that support each other in our journey through recovery. Our tree moves up with clean time. We stretch from Oregon to Mississippi to South Africa. I have been through many sponsors and I have never felt the love and compassion that I do now from the women in our tree. We have monthly tree meetings and yearly retreats. We go to meetings and work our steps.  I searched for years to fit in with people but it wasn’t until I came to NA and became part of this tree did I ever feel like I fit in. Now I know I’m home.                            Megan H.

My sponsor was the one person I knew I could trust. Only having to trust one person instead of a whole group made things a lot easier for me. My sponsor has been through it all with me. He calls me on my shit and worked the steps with me. My sponsor has stood up for me and will help me. He is the one I know will be honest with me no matter what as long as I am honest with him. He is the one person I can count on to not pat me on the ass or cosigning my bull shit and tells me its okay if it’s not. I still have a daily contact with my sponsor. By putting more into my recovery than all the effort I put into finding ways to get high, I put in insurance for my recovery that I won’t relapse. These are some of the things my sponsor has taught me in my eight and a half years of recovery.
                                                          LeAnna S.

My sponsor is a very important part of my life. You know some people think if they’re sponsoring you all they need to do is help you work the steps. But, my sponsor does much more than that.
She is also my friend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good day or a bad day, I can share both with her. I think it’s important to be a friend and not just a sponsor. If you’re going to share your most shameful secrets with someone they need to be your friend also.

If I’m angry, irrational, whiny, or acting out on old behavior or character defects she’s not afraid to let me know. And she lets me know I’m not alone and that I’m still human, and I need that from time to time.

I’m very grateful for her. I believe my Higher Power put her in my life so he could speak through her. So I want to say THANK - YOU!!  To my sponsor. You know who you are.
                                                         Your fellow addict, Nique D.

Fellow Addicts, My sponsor is awesome! I surely could write a book about her and our relationship. She helps me on a daily basis! A good day, a bad day, a day of awakenings, she is always there.

One of the things I love most about her is she is completely human and doesn’t try to hide behind a halo! We all make mistakes and have our character defects and issues to work on.

My sponsor is the best constant, always there for me, and always, always honest with me! I would be lost without her! Thank you Higher Power for my sponsor.
                                                          Paula D.

Hi I’m Mike, an addict in recovery, well to tell you the truth I don’t have a sponsor and the reason is my sponsor is my Higher Power. The reason is it’s the only thing working in my life. My Higher Power removed my addict ways. It’s not wise to not have a sponsor in recovery because some people need sponsors more than others.

When I started this recovery thing I wanted to stop using really bad because I had lost everything. So I made a commitment to change, I now have the will not to use. Sometimes I think about using but I think of all the hard times and the people I let down; including myself. I was one of the ones who just couldn’t put one drink down. I got drunk to get drunk and I also had to have the last smoke even down to the last breath of it.

Out of all of this I have a lot of medical problems. No matter how hard it gets just remember we don’t have to use. We can express ourselves to our sponsor or to a Higher Power.

I know this is a bit much but we need to remember what drugs and alcohol have done to our lives and to the people we love that are still out there. So remember to keep the doors open for the addict who still suffers. They did for me!

NA thank you for my recovery and the people who want recovery.   Michael T.
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