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When you are filled with joy every waking moment, you are then most
fully connected to your soul. And from that state of joy and bliss,
any action you take, or any thought you think, will ripple out to the
entire planet and positively influence all who are open to it. And
even those who are not.

In fact, that is your very reason for being: to experience joy in
every waking moment. To be fully connected to your soul, to your
source. In that state, you are flowing the energy of the Universe
through your physical body in a way that must, inevitably, touch those
around you, often in the most profound way.

No one, no matter how spiritually awake or asleep he/she may be, can
remain unaffected by such powerful energy as that you radiate when you
are in a state of joy. That is, when you are fully connected to your
soul, when you are fully who you really are.

So when you wonder what your purpose in life is, or what your work is,
consider this: No matter what else you may choose to do with your
life, if in all, or most, of your waking moments, you are experiencing
joy, then you have fulfilled your reason for coming to this lifetime.

And you are making a HUGE and positive difference to the planet and
all living creatures upon it.

by "Chief Joseph