Author Topic: John M,Steps 6 and 7 after 40 years of step working in NA  (Read 1785 times)

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John M,Steps 6 and 7 after 40 years of step working in NA
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Steps 6 and 7

There are people in Narcotics Anonymous that relapse with a lot of time because they will not work these two steps. The defects of pride and ego, and the shortcoming of not calling on God, are a bad combination. God is ready and willing to work with us if we will ask him. Step six talks about becoming entirely ready. When I have reached this point, I am teachable. God is helping me to not live by every emotion that comes into my head. God’s love is stronger than my desire to do something crazy.

I must realize that when I try to run the show and control things that it backfires. It is a matter of doing God’s will and not my own. The relief of letting go and letting God works. It is good to know that prayer brings results. It is a matter of listening to someone with more wisdom than me, such as my father or my sponsor.
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