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« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2012, 02:21:18 AM »
duckdaotsu is a one-woman act of sitting meditation toward peace. the list serve began as action against the threat of war on iraq. this site was created as a hub for those who wish to learn more about alternative opinion, viewpoints, analysis and resources.  we are an anti war site based in pacifism and conscientious objection and support war resisters on every front.

as we expand to this site, we hope to educate and enlighten readers about issues that affect this fragile planet and the life that depends on balance.
duckdaotsu sits on the side of a mountain in colorado where we care for ducks, geese, hounds, and a herd of deer that have been displaced by drought, growth and wildfire. we are but guests on a land that belongs to the wildlife and we work to keep their habitat healthy and sustainable.

our journey returns us to tao - and this daily meditation keeps us in spiritual balance as we continue our work and traverse this simple path.

duckdaotsu contributes, sustains or subscribes to the publications, groups, websites and agencies from which the news you read is gleaned. we support independent, progressive, and radical media and believe that "media ethics" is not an oxymoron.