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Early Step one writing
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 11:20:33 PM »

1)Admit- to confess,accept and acknowledge to be true.

a)Is confession a showing of honest humility?

b)How is acceptance a showing of surrender?

c)How is acknowkedgement to be true an ongoing



2)Powerless-Lacking the ability to conduct or control reality.Without power or strength.

Is your life an example of this?How does accepting this process put us aware of our control issues and force us to surrender ,and is it an ongoing process?


3)Addiction-Obsessive and compulsive use of any substance or behavior known to cause unmanageability.

How does this let us know that our disease isn’t about dope,but it is about the addictive process?


4)Unmanagable-Undirectable with any degree of skill.Difficult or impossible to manage.Not submitting to discipline; unruly

a)How does this surrender keep us in check?

What spiritual principles can you locate in this?

b)How is this step describing a set of actions we should be living?
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